FloatingLyrics: which apps are supported by Musixmatch?

Musixmatch is completely compatible with lots of music applications for Android (most of the best music streaming services are included) and offers floating lyrics windows on top.

The following table shows, for every music service of the list, how Musixmatch can display the lyrics.
Two ways are possible, scrolling mode or static mode*, or none of them if the music player used is not integrated with Musixmatch.

Music Player Static Lyrics Synced Lyrics
Deezer x
Google Play Music
Amazon Music x
Double Twist
Gaana x
n7 Player x
JetAudio x
Rocket Player x
Saavn x
Sony Music
Apple Music
Anghami x
  • Please note that some lyrics are still not synchronized and for this reason, we will display its static version even if the player is supported by Musixmatch.
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