Apps Translation: guidelines

Below you will find guidelines for translating Musixmatch apps and website.

1. Tone

Remember Musixmatch in English is written in a friendly, fresh and casual style.

You do not need to translate literally or word-for-word, but where possible please try to preserve a friendly tone with your translation.

2. Proper Names

Proper names or product names do not need to be translated.

i.e. "LyricsCard" and "FloatingLyrics".

3. Placeholders

Some of the strings that you will be translating contain placeholders (pieces of text that will automatically be replaced with other pieces of text).

What do placeholders look like?

Placeholders are anticipated by %.
The following is an example of string containing a placeholder:

Example : Level %1$d

How do I handle placeholders in my translation?

All placeholders in a string should not be modified.

5. Corrections

Translating Musixmatch is a collaborative effort – several translators may work on the same language. To help ensure a consistent and high-quality translation for each language, we encourage you to correct mistakes or offer improved translations.
You can do this by choosing to edit existing translations or voting for the existing one.

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