Desktop app: how to solve the main issues?

How to solve desktop app issues?

For any kind of problem, firstly you have to clean your cache.


1- Log-out and close the desktop app by tapping on "Quit Musixmatch" (right mouse button on the Musixmatch icon).

2- Search the Musixmatch folder writing down %AppData% on FileExplorer or on the Search box of your Start screen

3- Follow that folder path: AppData\Local\Packages\MUSIXMATCH.LYRICS_7gejyv32yt3te\LocalCache\Roaming\Musixmatch

4- Delete the folder


1- Select "Go" and "Go to Folder..."

2- Search the path: ~/Library/Application Support

3- Delete the Musixmatch folder

If the problem still persists, please read the following FAQ.

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