I'm a Lyrics Curator on Musixmatch: what are my advantages?

As a Lyrics Curator, you have the following privileges:

  • Become a Premium Musixmatch member
  • Get special rewards and Musixmatch gadgets
  • A special label on your profile
  • Get the MXM Official Certificate reserved to Lyrics Curators
  • Access to the Musixmatch Moderation forum
  • Access to Musixmatch Community Slack
  • Publish lyrics without the community approval
  • Accept, reject and edit lyrics (except for locked lyrics)
  • Validate Lyrics

Curator privileges can and will be revoked if:

  • You're not available on Slack or if you don't reply to the email sent by the Musixmatch Content Team
  • You don't respect our writing guidelines
  • We get a high number of complaints
  • You've been inactive for too long
  • You aren't following our guidelines
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