How can I get my rewards?

You can get your rewards by completing the Musixmatch missions

Once the quality check of your work has been completed and confirmed by the Musixmatch Team, the payment will be approved.

Within the first 20 days of each month, payments will be requested through bank transfer or Paypal.

It will be based on the reward obtained for the missions (considering the expiry date of the mission) of the month before.

How can I add or edit my payment method?

In order to receive your rewards,  your profile will have to be complete. You can add all the necessary information through our website. 

Follow these 6 steps:

1) Select the "Profile" option after tapping on your profile icon.

2) Click "Edit profile"

3) Choose the "Payment Details" option

4) Tap on "Add Payout Method"

If you already have a payment method, you can add and activate a new one or delete the actual one for adding the new one.

5) Fill out the forms, adding your general information and choosing your favourite payment method (Bank Transfer or Paypal).

Please remember that it's not possible to use someone else's bank account.

The bank account holder must correspond to the Curator who is working on the Missions.

You can choose between a Bank Transfer or Paypal.

6) Fill out this form: (only once)

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