How does the Academy work?

The Musixmatch Academy is an incredible opportunity to learn in a fast, functional, and interactive way. It'll teach you how to provide the greatest contributions in order to enrich our lyrics catalog.

The Academy is open to every type of contributor, you can attend whenever you want, and it will give you the chance to become an Eligible Curator.

How does the Academy work?

After creating an account through the Musixmatch website or through our app, you will attend five lessons on Typeform, taking a small test after each of them. Be sure to take the Typeform quiz using the same email that your Musixmatch account is registered to.
The whole Academy experience lasts no more than 20 minutes.

You will learn all the most important things about the transcription, formatting, synchronization, translation, and structure of the lyrics.

If you pass the test, you will receive a badge on your profile and the chance to become an Eligible Curator.

Who are the Curators? Why would I want to become one?

Lyrics Curators are our most passionate and active community members, selected on the merit of their contributions.

Some of the Curators' privileges

  • Curator label
  • Access to Musixmatch Curators Slack
  • Possibility to work on Musixmatch Missions and get paid for their contributions.
  • Possibility to publish lyrics without the community approval
  • Find out more
  • That's great, I wanna attend the Academy

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