Missions Troubleshooting [Desktop App]

How to solve desktop app issues?

Please check out this guide

My contribution never goes in the "Completed tasks" bar

A new version of the desktop app will be available soon. 

In the meantime, we invite you to see this video as a temporary workaround:

Error "Oops! Track not available": why and what should I do?

If you click the 'Start' button in order to edit a song that is already loaded on Spotify, sometimes you'll get an error saying "Oops! Track not available". 

What can you do?

In this case, please try to tap on the Spotify "Play" button related to the same song. Otherwise, try to play another song and go back to the list of tasks, or go to the "In progress" tab and click "Edit" on the same task as before.

Sometimes when you click "Start" or "Edit" on a task, Spotify will start playing the song but the Musixmatch app will keep loading and eventually give you the error message "Oops! Track not available".

What can you do? 

You can try to go back and apply the same workaround as in the case above.

Error "Oops, something went wrong! Hint: unreadable format": why and what should I do?

Sometimes this error is related to an empty line added before the "Instrumental"

Please try to add either "Instrumental" or the empty line, avoiding both at once.

I have completed the task, but the song is still in my "In progress" list: what should I do?

In this case, please try to:

-Open the task again by tapping on "Edit" and check if the lyrics are still correct. 

Once checked, tap on the 3 dots and the top right and choose "Mark as correct". Now you should see the tracks in the "Completed" list.

- Refresh the page by tapping on the following button 

- Log-out from your profile and log-in again

The Quality Assistant doesn't allow to save the lyrics: what should I do?

If you have already checked that the suggestion shown by the quality assistant is not helpful or correct, you should tap on "Ignore".

The lyrics will be saved and the task moved to the completed list. 

The Spotify player is running in delay compared to Musixmatch

Sometimes pausing the song and manually going to 0.00 with the progress bar fixes the problem.

Regardless, whether you're synchronize from scratch or proofreading the sync, remember to always check the accuracy of the sync by playing each line individually (using purple play button).

This will be allowed to avoid the temporary bug with Spotify: if the sync of each individual line, as shown by the purple Play button, is accurate, you can consider the sync on the whole good to go!

White page on a Mission task

  1. Press ctrl+R
  2. Go to Mission and select the task you’re working on
  3. Press restore to start from where you left

If this doesn't work, try deleting this folder: C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Roaming\Musixmatch, and logging back in, having waiting at least 2 minutes before doing so. This should reduce the frequency of the issue.

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