How to add and synchronize lyrics

Once Verified, artists or their representatives can add their lyrics to our database. 

You must have the legal right to submit content. 

If you are interested in sharing lyrics on Instagram, please make sure to Add and Synchronize the entirety of the lyrics as the artist sings it, in accordance with our Writing Guidelines.

Please follow these steps:

1) Download our desktop or mobile App and log in with your Verified Account 

2) If you are using the desktop app, you need to play the song on Spotify. From there you’ll be able to access the corresponding page in order to synchronize the lyrics with the music.

For example, if you would like to add the lyrics of  "Vestige" by Pair Of Arrows:

Play the song using Spotify

3) You’ll be able to access the corresponding page in the App (this will open up automatically) and from there you can add and synchronize the lyrics in time to the music.

4) Add the lyrics and then click on "Continue" to synchronize the lyrics

5) Click on the purple button "End" to confirm that you've completed the synchronization

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