How to add and synchronize lyrics

Once Verified, artists or their representatives can add their lyrics to our database. After adding (editing/transcribing) those lyrics they are then ready to be synced.

Step one: Transcribing Lyrics

Once logged in with your verified account, you have two options for editing lyrics, via our artist studio webpage or via our mobile app

Please note that all transcriptions must be completed according to our guidelines. For a helpful step-by step video and detailed list of accepted practices please follow the link below:

Transcribing Guidelines

1) Add and Sync lyrics from the Artist Studio webpage (A Spotify Premium Account is required to sync lyrics and you need to use Chrome as browser.)

2) Add and Sync lyrics from our Mobile App
(Please note that a Spotify Premium Account is required to sync your lyrics in this way)

Step 2 Sync Lyrics

Here is an overview about the supported browsers and streaming services to add and sync your lyrics.

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