How to add and synchronize lyrics

Once verified, artists or their representatives can add their lyrics to our database. After adding (editing/transcribing) those lyrics they are then ready to be synced.

Step 1: Transcribing Lyrics

After logging into your verified account you have two options for editing lyrics, via our Musixmatch for Artists webpage or via our mobile app

In both cases a Spotify Premium Account is required to add and sync the lyrics.

Please note that all transcriptions must be completed according to our Transcribing Guidelines.

A) Add lyrics from the Musixmatch for Artists webpage

(A Spotify Premium Account is required to sync lyrics and you need to use Chrome as browser.)

B) Add lyrics from our mobile app

(Please note that a Spotify Premium Account is required to add and sync your lyrics in this way with the Android Phone. If you are transcribing lyrics from your mobile device, make sure you are logged in from your verified artist's account)

If you want to sync your music using your Apple Music account, download the Musixmatch IOS app, find your song and sync it on your mobile phone.

How to use mobile app (video tutorial)

Notes for transcribing lyrics

Type the correct words as you hear them in your song

  1. Listen to the song from a reliable audio source as you transcribe
  2. Only add lyrics you have transcribed yourself 
  3. Transcribe all repeated parts in a song
  4. Transcribe the lyrical audio content only

Do's and Don't

  • Do - Always listen to the entire song while transcribing
  • Don’t - Copy and paste from other sources
  • Don’t - Use multipliers (e.g. avoid x2)

Step 2: Sync Lyrics

Set the vocals in time with the music

There are two sync modes you can choose to contribute: the line-by-line sync and the word-by-word sync. For line-by-line you can manage this on either your Musixmatch for Artists Webpage or via the mobile app. Please note that the word-by-word sync can only be done via the mobile app.

A) Sync lyrics on the webpage 

  1. After transcribing your lyrics click on the 'Sync' tab
  2. Click to select the correct timing for each line of lyrics while listening to the track
  3. Make any time adjustments with the plus or minus signs to the left of the phrasesNotes for syncing lyric

B) Sync lyrics on a mobile device

  1. Make sure you are signed in with the email registered to you verified artist account
  2. Search for and select your song you wish to sync
  3. Select Contribute>Sync>Select either 'line-by-line' or 'word-by-word' 

How to sync: Line-by-Line 

  1. Set the timing to the first sung letter for each line, or less than a half-second before
  2. When there are no lyrics for longer than 5 seconds, insert the instrumental label, then sync the line.
  3. Verify the accuracy (by playing each line) and readjust the timing (fine-tuning)

How to sync: Word-by-Word

This feature is only possible on the mobile application. Sync lyrics word-by-word by swiping your screen to highlight the lyrics in time with the music. You can edit the sync by clicking ‘Back’ to return to the previous line.

Do's and Don't

  • Don’t - Sync a line or word in delay
  • Don’t - Start the song with an instrumental label
  • Do - Correct the sync if you’ve made a mistake
  • Do - In the case of multiple voices and choruses, sync the main vocals

Here is an overview about the supported browsers and streaming services to add and sync your lyrics.

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