Why haven't I received my reward yet?

Please check to see if your profile is complete by visiting this link Complete your profile (Payment Details) in order to give us all the information we need. It's also important to remember that the profile of the Curator working on the Mission must coincide with the information of the bank account holder.

We send rewards to many Curators all around the world, and it can require some extra time to deliver such high numbers of rewards to so many countries, so we ask for your patience while we do so. If you suspect something is incorrect, feel free to contact us at curators@musixmatch.com

Moreover, remember that the amount you are sent will be based on the tasks you completed until the last day of the previous month.

Rewards will be sent if the amount you'd receive is equal to or higher than the minimum threshold of $50 USD.

The reward will arrive to you within the first 20 days of each month, assuming that you've met the 100 task threshold.

To inquire about your rewards or simply ask for more information, you can contact us at curators@musixmatch.com

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