Where can I find my artist link on Spotify and Apple Music?

When you submit a request to get your artist profile verified, you will need to know your artist link on your Spotify and Apple Music Artist Page.

One of the most common mistakes when submitting a verification request is to provide us the link to one of your songs or albums instead of providing the link to your artist profile.

Read below how to find your artist profile link on Spotify and Apple Music.

A. Spotify

1) Search for your artist page

Open Spotify and search for your artist page.

Example: Billie Eilish


2) Copy your artist link

Click on the three dots>> Share>> Copy artist link

Please make sure to remove from the Url,  anything which is between ".com" and "/artist" when you copy the link.

Example below, remove "/intl-fr":

👎wrong URL https://open.spotify.com/intl-fr/artist/04kMNOgm997Yo7UwhSgbru?si=XRNxt0wcQZySAtzsqxWDRw

✅ correct URL: https://open.spotify.com/artist/04kMNOgm997Yo7UwhSgbru?si=s37RyYb2SlisP40F52C5UA

B. Apple Music

1) Search for your artist page

Three dots will appear in the bottom right corner of the cover image.

Example: Billie Eilish


2) Copy link

Click three dots>>Share>>Copy Link.

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