How do I get paid?


Musixmatch shall deliver to Company within sixty (60) days of the expiration of each calendar quarter ending on March 31st, June 30th, September 30th and December 31st in each year [...], a complete statement showing all sales of Lyrics via the Musixmatch Platform through the Media, identifying the channel of distribution, the Service, the device to which the Lyrics were delivered, the price at which the Lyrics were sold and/or the revenue received by Musixmatch, and the Royalties due to be credited to Company in respect of such sale by Musixmatch in relation to the exploitation concerned. (the “Report”).

The Report

You can access your royalty reports in the “Report” section of the Publisher Studio.

In this section you will find: 

  • A summary report with the overview of the data (licensed services, total royalties)
  • And a detailed report with the breakdown of all the royalties earned by your lyrics through each licensed service. (Please note that you will only see listed those services that actually registered views for the quarter)

Please be aware that the report section is only accessible for users entitled to see this type of information within their company. If you wish to update your contact list, reach out to


Please send all invoices and payment related questions to
Please issue one invoice for each currency (€, $ or others) headed to Musixmatch spa, via Timavo 34, 20124 Milano, VAT number IT 03004641209, indicating in the description the relevant quarter/year and the banks details (IBAN, account number and SWIFT/BIC code). According to international agreements, we will pay the invoice amount deducting the required % withholding tax. 

Please note that there is a threshold of $100 earnings that needs to be reached before you can send us an invoice. If this threshold has not been met, we will carry over any royalties earnt to the next quarter and alert you when it is time to invoice.

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