Once I’ve claimed the song via MXM PRO for Publishers, the sync, mech and performance shares are populated with the same percentage. Is this correct?

Musixmatch collects digital print rights. Generally, industry standard delivery formats and databases do not allow publishers to specify a digital print share and usually only specify mechanical, performance or sync. 

While filling in the information on MXM PRO for Publishers, you will have the chance to specify which of the three above mentioned data fields best represents your collection share for lyrics.

If you have chosen CWR, CSV or API as preferred method for sharing publishing information, you will be able to specify the different shares for mech, perf and sync. If you are using the Publisher Studio to insert the publishing information instead, we will populate those three fields with the same percentage shares. Please keep in mind that Musixmatch will collect only one of those three percentages, which is, as mentioned above, the one that represents the best proxy for the digital print rights to collect. 

For further guidance and information on the onboarding process, please contact publishers-support@musixmatch.com .  

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