Collection shares and ownership shares

MXM PRO for Publishers allows you to insert two different types of shares: collection shares and ownership shares. 

  • Collection shares identify the collected shares per-territory. They are the percentages you are allowed to get paid for. Collection shares can be equal or less than the ownership share. 

You can select if the shares you have to collect cover worldwide, worldwide excluding specific countries or if you have to collect royalties only in specific territories. This information is a mandatory field in MXM PRO for Publishers.

  • Ownership shares identify the percentage of shares owned or administered by the songwriter(s) and or the publisher(s). All music publishing incomes are split between the songwriters and the publishers according to the terms of their agreement. This is typically referred to as the “writer share” and “publisher share”. The relative percentages of this split compose the ownership shares. There may be more than one publisher or writer involved in the ownership of a composition, hence the ‘Controlled’ flag (y/n). In MXM PRO for Publishers, it is not mandatory to insert this information, but it is strongly suggested to do so in order to: 1) have cleaner publishing data; 2) make it easier for publishers to process the royalties reports once they’re ready.

  • The ISWC  (International Standard Musical Work Code) is a unique, permanent and internationally recognized reference number for the identification of musical works. An ISWC begins with the letter "T", followed by a nine-digit unique number (from 00000001 to 999999999), and an additional check digit at the end. (Written Format: T-345246800-1). They are usually assigned by publishers or third parties such as PROs.
  • An IPI (interested party information) is a nine digit number used to uniquely identify a songwriter or publisher. IPI numbers are also referred to as CAE numbers. Rights-holders are assigned IPI numbers when they are granted membership to a PRO (Performing Rights Organization). 
  • The global sum of ownership shares (controlled and not controlled) is 100%.
  • Sum of ownership and collection shares respectively shall not exceed 100%

Do you need to refresh your memory on how to make claims on MXM PRO for Publishers? Please check our quick MXM PRO for Publishers guide. 

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