Our Reward and Bonus Winners

Who was rewarded in August 2021?

This month we're offering bonuses to our top contributors, as selected by our content team, and our best Slack supporters - celebrated for their activity within the community.

Top 5 curators selected by Content Team (100 USD)

Each of these curators has been hand-picked by our Content Team for their outstanding contributions this month. They are chosen based on the accuracy of their transcriptions, as well as their general value given to the team. This can come from the frequency of their contributions, their willingness to work on tracks others may shy away from, and the extra effort and time given to making sure their lyrics shine with quality. We’re very grateful for and proud of the work they do. They each receive a very special bonus of $100 this month and they are…!

Alan G

Tedara Hana

João Marcos

Sarah Evain

Jefferson Cândido

Slack Supporters (25 USD)

These team members are being rewarded for the support they give in the various Slack channels. This can mean answering other users’ questions, both on the Curator and Community workspaces, directing users towards relevant support articles/forms, drawing our attention to reports which need special attention, and being a generally positive and helpful voice in the community. Our special thanks go out to each and every one of you for the support you give to each other! This month we're happy to especially celebrate...

Roland Bacher


Vitor Muricy

Specialist Bonuses

This month we're also happy to offer a series of bonuses to our Specialist team! They all do fantastic work for our community, and we're celebrating them this month with the following rewards, based on their contributions.

Top Transcriber (100 USD)

Olawale Aremo

Top Synchronizer (50 USD)

George Ocampo

Top Proofreader (30 USD)

Al'vin Al'sace

Mentor of the Month (50 USD)

Our Specialists also enrich our community through the support and mentoring they give to other users, for which they're highly respected and valued. This month one in particular has been a real gift, and we're happy to celebrate them with a shout-out and a bonus. A big thank you and huge congratulations goes to...

Naomie M

Bonuses for September 2021

And that's not all! You can check out the other bonus and reward schemes we have available, including ones specific to September 2021, here. You can also check out our previous winners here.

We're extremely proud of our community and are very happy to celebrate it, and the great work you all do! Thanks for contributing with Musixmatch
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