Rewards and Bonuses

It’s thanks to the continued efforts of our community that we’re able to celebrate Musixmatch as the world’s leading music data company. Our community gives us a lot, and it’s important for us that we give back. That’s why we’re continuing with a number of bonus and reward schemes, to make sure our community feel as valued as they are.

Content Team’s Choice 

5 special Curators monthly are selected by our Content Team for the exceptional and continued quality of their contributions. They are hand-picked and carefully chosen and will each receive a reward of 100 USD!

Slack Supporters 

3 monthly users are acknowledged for their astounding engagement on the Slack channels. Mentoring other users, providing assistance on the support channels, and being a generally positive voice across the workspaces can gain users a reward of 25 USD

Credit Where Credit’s Due Day 

Every Tuesday we spotlight 4 curators for their great work in missions in the previous week. Winners are nominated by our language Specialists for anything from great improvement to extra effort given to tough tracks. Each winner receives a prize of 10 USD

Fun Friday 

The first Friday of every month we offer our Curators a chance to unwind with a fun challenge/activity. The winner is chosen at random from participating users and is rewarded with the chance to choose an artist’s discography to be added to their mission list. They also get to select an artist or song to feature on our Instagram page.

Specialist Bonuses 

Our Specialists are now also viable for bonuses! Each month we will reward the Top Transcriber with 100 USD, the Top Synchronizer with 50 USD, and the Top Proofreader with 30 USD. There will also be a special monthly reward for our Mentor of the Month. Our Specialists help us maintain the engagement of our community and the quality of their contributions. The Mentor of the Month will be selected based on their activity with their language community and rewarded with a bonus of 50 USD

These are our recurring bonuses but every now and then we’ll also have some special monthly events, so keep an eye out for announcements. In the meantime, you can keep up with past winners here. Thank you for contributing with Musixmatch!

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