Why has my verification been rejected?

We're so sorry you are experiencing difficulties verifying your profile.

The process could have been come to an alt for one of this possible issues:

1) The discographies are entirely different on your Artist page on Apple Music and Spotify. It looks like the artist id's you provided are connected with two different artist profiles. 
Please verify that your Apple Music and Spotify profile share at least one release belonging to you. 
2)  Your discography is empty on Apple Music and Spotify . A possibile reason could be that your artist profile is not yet active for any motive we cannot know or you haven't released your first song yet.
3) We really think you are unique and peculiar, yet in the artist landscape it is not a rare event that you can have some homonym. What can happen in this scenario is that your discography can be mixed (on Apple Music or Spotify) with another artist.
What should you do?
We strongly recommend that you refer to your label or distributors in order to verify that all of your recording data have been correctly sent to Apple and Spotify, focusing your attention on the possible issues reported above. 

Please make sure all Albums, EPs, Singles, Compilations available in your artist profile belong to you, even as featured artist.

Once you verified that the problems are solved on both Apple and Spotify environments, you can submit your request again on Musixmatch. 
Please mind that you cannot submit the request more that once in seven days.
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