How does SFTP upload work?

If you have chosen to upload your publishing data via CWR or CSV, you will receive an email from Musixmatch with the login details to access our sftp area. We usually provide this information via a temporary link that will expire two weeks after the date it was sent. Please remember to save this information and store your credentials in a safe place. If you cannot access your sftp area anymore, or your credentials link has expired, please contact

Follow these easy steps to upload your publishing data through our SFTP area:

  1. Download FileZilla from the internet and install it. Keep in mind that you have to use the Filezilla Client FTP. Once installed and opened, you should be able to visualize a screen very similar to the image below.
  2. Fill in all the fields at the  top of the page with the credentials provided and press Quickconnect (take note that our port is number ‘22’).
  3. Once connected to the SFTP area, you will find your folder in the top right box. 
  4. In the box below, please drag and drop your submission file.

Click on it and drag your .csv or CWR file in our specific formats to the bottom right window, and wait for the successful completion of the upload. Please don’t create any subfolders while uploading your file.

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