I am a record label/ distributor: can I use Musixmatch PRO for Publishers?

Musixmatch is a service that only collects digital print rights. Record labels and music distributors are the master copyright holders. Lyric usage does not exploit master rights, as such labels and distributors are not entitled to collect royalties. 

However, if you own or administer the publishing rights on behalf of the songwriters within your recorded music catalogue, you are entitled to use Musixmatch PRO for Publishers to collect digital print rights. If this is the case, please fill in the required information here, choosing the “Publisher” option. 

Note: We don't support lyrics submission via Musixmatch PRO for Publishers. If you wish to send us your lyrics, please visit Musixmatch PRO for Artists and choose the plan that best fits your needs.  

For guidance or information on the onboarding process, please contact publishers-support@musixmatch.com. 

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