What is Musixmatch PRO? Do I need to create a new profile?

Musixmatch Pro is the go-to destination for lyrics and credits management: it empowers you to distribute your lyrics across all major digital streaming services and social networks so that you can showcase your work, boost your career, and grow your audience with ease. If you want to know more about it, please visit our FAQ section here, or head towards our Musixmatch PRO page. Please note that some features are not available yet: so don't be alarmed if some parts of the service are labelled as “coming soon” or are still in their beta version. 

If you already have a Musixmatch Publisher Account, you don’t need to create a new Musixmatch PRO account. Simply log in with your credentials and you're ready to go! 

If you want to join Musixmatch as a publisher and collect royalties earned through your lyrics, you can do so joining Musixmatch PRO and following the instructions to be onboarded as a Publisher. 

If you are having issues logging in, please contact publishers-support@musixmatch.com.

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