How do I update my claims?

If you wish to simply update your work’s percentage share please follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the ‘Search’ tab;
  2. Search for the work  you want to  claim.TIP: open the “Advanced Search” menu for a more accurate search;
  3. Once you have found your track, select the work;
  4. Click on Collection shares (required); 
  5. Insert the percentage (%) number you wish to change in the white box beneath Shares to collect (%)*; 
  6. Select which territory you wish the claim should be reflected for; 
  7. Once you have inserted all the valuable information do not forget to press Add Share first and Save later on the bottom right of the page to make your changes effective. 

Do you need to refresh your memory? Please check our quick Musixmatch Publisher Studio guide. 

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