What happens next year if i decide to renew or not the Pro Plan?

You decide to renew your plan next year


The renewal and the payment will be automatic, and it will be debited to the same payment method you used previously.

If you paid the Pro Plan with a discounted price, we cannot guarantee that the promotion will be still available next year at renewal. You will be debited according to the rate of your Plan at the moment of the renewal.

Top up of Lyrics curated and Lyric videos

The number of synced lyrics added by our expert curators and the Lyric Videos will be topped up of the same amount.
Above number will increase or decrease in case you decide to upgrade or downgrade your plan.
If you have not used all the songs curated by our experts and Lyric videos in the current subscription year, you will not be able to carry them over to the following subscription year as they expire.
You purchased a plan where we offer 10 songs curated by our experts. This year you can request not more than 10 songs. Next year at renewal, if you continue with the same plan, you can request 10 more songs to be curated by our experts. 
If you requested only 8 songs this year, the remaining 2 will expire.
The same logic applies to Lyric Videos.
If you need more songs or Lyric Videos, you can always upgrade your Pro Plan.

You decide to NOT renew your plan next year

If you decide to NOT renew your plan, remember to cancel your subscription using the customer portal

All the synced lyrics added by our expert curators and the Lyric Videos you created, while the Plan was active, will remain available to you.

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