My received reward is less than expected. Why?

Remember that the amount you are sent will be based on the tasks completed up to the last day of the previous month.

For example, before February the 20th you will receive the reward for the tasks completed up to January 31st that have not yet been rewarded.

Musixmatch requests the same amount shown on your personal "Payment Details" area.

We may deduct amounts you owe us from your rewards. This happens rarely. For example, if you are paid more than you are due in a given month, we may deduct an amount equal to that overpayment from any amounts due to you in subsequent months. When we have received the amount you owe us, we will continue to pay any rewards due to you as normal. We will let you know via email if we plan to make these deductions.

We don't apply any fees to your rewards. The amount you receive should correspond to the amount published with any related exchange rate applied.

Your bank may apply a receiving fee to receive inbound wires to your bank account. Such receiving fees are out of our control and are determined by your bank.

If the amount you receive is less than the amount shown, you should contact your bank.

In order to help your bank determine what the fee was for, we can provide the reward confirmation.

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