What is an IPI number?

The Interested Parties Information (IPI) number is a unique identifier assigned to songwriters and publishers in the music industry to keep track of individuals or entities and their contributions to musical works. 

This numbering system is managed by the Society of Authors, Composers, and Publishers of Music (SACEM), and the numbers are distributed by performance rights organizations around the world. 

Here's a simplified breakdown:

1. Identification: Just like a social security number identifies an individual, the IPI number identifies songwriters and publishers in the music industry.

2. Tracking: When a song earns money, whether from sales, streams, or performances, the IPI number helps ensure the right people get paid their share.

3. Registration: When you, as an artist, register with a performance rights organisation (like ASCAP or BMI in the US), you are assigned an IPI number. This number will follow you throughout your career.

4. Uniqueness: Each IPI number is unique, which helps avoid confusion or misidentification, making the business of music more organised and fair.

By having an IPI number, it helps the industry keep clear records of who contributed to which songs, and ensures that royalties are distributed accurately to the rightful owners.

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