Format suggestion: correct punctuation

When you are adding your lyrics in the Studio, you may receive a format suggestion that says "Correct punctuation: Fix the white spaces between parenthesis, after a comma or a semicolon."

We understand the punctuation may be different across different languages, and our system does his best to consider those.

However, if you see the format suggestion about punctuation, we would recommend reviewing your lyrics to make sure you did not do any of the following:

  • A space before a comma: "hello ,hello"
  • A space after or before a parenthesis: ( hello )
  • Start a sentence with dots: "..hello"

If you followed the guidelines above and still get an error, we would recommend you to:

  • Outsource the lyrics to our curators, if you paid for a Pro Plan
  • Provide the lyrics to our support team using this support form
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