Where to manage my credits, copyright info and lyrics-related royalties?

All the credits and lyrics-related royalties can be managed in the Copyright tab of Musixmatch Pro.

For Music Creators

Being a Music Creator means that you are a Songwriter, a Musician, a Producer or you are involved in other music activities (photographers, video producers).

Once you enroll as Music Creator, you can showcase all the songs you’ve worked on by adding your credits.

Click on Start here and follow the steps to create your Music creator profile.

  1. You will be asked to select the between 3 options, but you can select more than one option:
  • Songwriter: Write lyrics and/or compose music. Do this for your own songs or those of your group, band or orchestra.
  • Musician: Be the singer who provides vocals or play a musical instrument, live and/or in recordings. Do this for your own songs or those of your group, band, or orchestra.
  • Other contributor: Any role that relates to making songs (producers, engineers, etc.) or other music activities (photographers, video producers, etc.).

  1. Next, you will be asked to add your legal first and last name.

If you prefer to not show your legal name on your public profile and song credits, you can use add your Stage name and tick the box "Hide my legal name and show my stage name only".

  1. We will ask a few more questions based on what you selected previously (Songwriter, Musician, Other contributor)

  1. Your Music creator profile is live! Now you can click on "edit Info" and start adding your credits.

For Publishers

You should select this option if you are a Music Publisher and you can provide an IPI number.

What is the IPI?

The Interested Party Information number is a unique identifier used by songwriters and publishers to identify them as international rights holders. It is usually between 9 and 11 digits. Providing this number will help us approve your publisher registration on Musixmatch Pro.

Click on Setup Publisher Tool and you will see a guided onboarding to getting started as Publisher:

  1. Add your Company name and IPI number.
  2. Add your address and your website
  3. Select how many compositions you control
  4. Select the file format in which you will submit your Publishing data to us, it can be sent in CWR or CSV format.
  5. Tell us what best reflect the share we should collect for lyrics (Synchronization, Mechanical, or Performance)
  6. Indicate if you have a Sub-Publisher, as if you have one we may already be receiving your publishing data
  7. Agree to the Licensing agreement

Once you have sent your request, our Publishing team will review it and contact you back!

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