Curator ID Verification FAQs

How do I add my ID?

You can find a step-by-step guide in this article.

Do I have to verify my ID even if I don’t want to work on Missions?

An account verified with an eligible form of Governmental ID is a requirement for Curators wishing to work on the Mission and earn rewards, and strongly encouraged for all other Curators. The process ensures the promotion of safety and trust within our Community and contributions, and so is something we implore all Musixmatchers to get on board with.

What if I submit my ID, but still can't access the Mission?

After submitting your ID, Trolley may take a few days to process and verify it. If you're unable to access the Mission after three days, it's possible your document wasn't accepted. We recommend trying again with a new upload, remembering the following points:

  • The document must be a physical one, rather than a virtual one. So be sure to take a picture of the ID itself, and not a copy of it from another screen.
  • Everything must be easily readable
  • The document must be in date. Expired documents will not be accepted.
  • Where possible, please be sure to use an ID with a recent picture, since you will later be asked for a selfie that matches it. If you have issues or concerns regarding that, please reach out to Musixmatch staff or; we are here to assist and support you
  • If you have different forms of IDs, it’s a good idea to try verifying them. For example, if a scripted document verification isn’t successful, try one using a Latin alphabet; if a Voter’s Card isn’t accepted, try a National ID Card. We’re working with Trolley to streamline this process, but in the meantime, you can boost your chances of success by trying all the options available.

What if I don’t have an eligible form of ID?

Access to the Mission system will be reserved for Curators with verified identification. If you don’t have an eligible form of ID now, you’ll be free and encouraged to update your account later. We’ll look after your account for you, and be happy to support you when you’re ready to verify it with an eligible form of ID. Feel free to reach out when that’s the case.

I have concerns about the safety of my information

This new system of verification comes from the same company Musixmatch partners with to deliver community rewards, Trolley. For full details regarding how your personal information will be used and stored, please visit this article from Trolley.

I have concerns regarding accessibility and inclusion

Musixmatch is dedicated to improving accessibility within our products. It’s with this in mind that we rebuilt our website with specific intentions to raise its accessibility score, and are continuing to discuss further improvements across various platforms. This new system of verification is a necessity in protecting the contribution environment for everyone. We’re more than open to discuss any specific concerns regarding accessibility and inclusion, and will always do all we can to provide solutions in accordance with the necessities and obligations we have to deliver safety for our community, and the catalog of their contributions. Please reach out to a Moderator to discuss your specific case.

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