FloatingLyrics: What is it? How does it work?

FloatingLyrics is a floating widget which pops up as soon as you play a song from your music player of choice, displaying the synced lyrics of the currently playing track.


It’s compatible with your favourite music apps like Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Rdio, and Play Music, so you don’t even need to switch players to bring up lyrics!

Move and resize the FloatingLyrics

You can press the pop-up window and drag it to the position you want.

FloatingLyrics can be also resized by touching the bottom of the widget box, where you'll see the small up and down arrows icon.
Tapping it and dragging your finger across the screen, you can reduce or increase the dimensions of the window as you please.

You can also quickly choose your display mode (compact or extended) by tapping the display mode icon in the upper left-hand corner.

Customize the FloatingLyrics

Add some magic to the FloatingLyrics by changing the theme background color in just one tap!
Click the display mode icon in the upper left-hand corner and choose your favorite color.

Minimize the FloatingLyrics

Tapping on the "X" icon once will minimize the FloatingLyrics.

If you drag the chat head down off the screen, a notification giving you the option to ‘Tap to show lyrics’ will appear in your notification center.

Change the Lyrics Visualization

Switch from the compact (one line of lyrics at a time) to the extended (continuous stream) lyrics view by tapping the display mode icon in the upper left-hand corner and setting your preferences!

Access lyrics' translations

Click the translations button in the bottom-left corner and pick the desired language.

Start contributing

Tap the crowd icon to see the latest activities on the lyrics, or start contributing!

Give Musixmatch's FloatingLyrics a try now!

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