[Lesson 3] Time matters: how to sync lyrics through mobile app and desktop

Set the vocals in time with the music

There are two sync modes you can choose to contribute: the Line-by-Line sync and the Word-by-Word sync

How to sync: Line-by-Line 
  1. Set the timing to the first sung letter for each line, or less than a half-second before
  2. When there are no lyrics for longer than 5 seconds, insert the instrumental label, then sync the line.
  3. Verify the accuracy (by playing each line) and readjust the timing (fine-tuning)
How to sync: Word-by-Word

It is possible only on mobile, by swiping your screen  to highlight the lyrics in time with the music, you can edit the sync by clicking ‘Back’ to return to the previous line

Do's and Don't

  • Don’t - Sync a line or word in delay
  • Don’t - Start the song with an instrumental label
  • Do - Correct the sync if you’ve made a mistake
  • Do - In the case of multiple voices and choruses, sync the main vocals
If you have doubts with lyrics, you can always ask in the Musixmatch Community Slack channel

Want to know more about the perfect sync? Check our Writing Guidelines

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