Can User, Curator, and Specialist statuses be lost?

In short, yes. 

If a user is seen to be damaging the community or our catalogue of lyrics, either through contributions or general behaviour, Musixmatch reserves the right to downgrade their status. 

Conditions for status downgrades differ based on the user’s role.

The following behavior will result in users of any role losing their status:

In contributions:

  • Reporting songs with lyrics as ‘Instrumental’
  • Submitting explicit, offensive, political, or religious lyrics/translations not heard in the audio
  • Examples of self-promoting (adding social media handles, etc. to lyrics) not heard in the audio

In the community:

Alongside these, the following additional behavior will result in Curators or Specialists losing their status:

In contributions:

  • Breaking The Curator Pledge, accepted in the submission of the Curator Test
  • Having more than one Curator account
  • Attempting to receive rewards via the bank/Paypal account of someone else
  • Long periods of inactivity (3 months)
  • Any attempts to abuse/cheat the mission system

In the community:

  • Failure to respond to messages from Musixmatch staff members (via either Slack or Email)

Any of the above behaviors can result in the loss of a user’s status after 0, 1, or 2 written warnings depending on the severity of the case. The rewards of downgraded Curators and Specialists will be paused or delivered also based on the case in question.

The majority of users work very hard and contribute high-quality lyrics. The warning and downgrade system is necessary for the minority who do not. It is essential in maintaining the quality of content for which we all, as a community, pride ourselves on.

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