I can’t find my new release on Musixmatch. What can I do?

When you release a new album or single, it's natural to be eager to see it reflected on our platform. We want to assure you that we are equally enthusiastic about showcasing your latest creations.

Musixmatch Pro automatically imports all new releases from Spotify and Apple Music.

While we strive for immediacy, sometimes it may take a bit of time for our system to update with your new album or song.

To give you more control over when your release will be displayed, we have designed a feature to manually trigger the import of your new release on Musixmatch Pro.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Login into Musixmatch Pro https://pro.musixmatch.com
  2. Go to the 'Roster' tab 
  3. Select the artist
  4. Select the tab "Music"
  5. Click on "Add missing release"
  6. Enter both your Spotify and Apple Music album links for the missing release. (Please check here how: How to correctly add my album links from Spotify and Apple Music)
  7. Click 'Send'. (If you can't see this button, make sure to scroll down)

Check back a little later. The release will appear within 48 hours, but it usually takes less than an hour!

Select your artist and click on the tab "Music"

On the top right of the page you'll find the option: " Add Missing release"

Add the correct link to your artist page on Spotify and Apple Music as explained: https://support.musixmatch.com/article/287-whats-your-spotify-and-apple-music-artist-link
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