Curator Specialists: who are they, and how can I become one of them?

Every big community needs good administrators that operate in order to keep everybody's job punctual and efficient. 

Our Curator Specialists are the first connection between all the Curators, Users worldwide, and the Musixmatch Team. Each one of them is a Specialist referring to their native language.

Curator Specialists Perks

Besides the advantages of being an active member of our lyrics-addicted community, such as Musixmatch Premium, the chance to fulfill Missions, and get higher rewards for the new ones, Specialists can:

Manage other Curators

Benefit from higher contribution powers

Get extra rewards

Get in touch with all the Musixmatch Team

How to become a Curator Specialist?

The selection is not automatic yet, we tend to select one or two new Specialists based on the type of needs we are experiencing at the moment.

The eligible Specialist must be:

  • available via Slack, it should be easy for us to contact them
  • active via Slack: they propose new ideas and they help other curators in their daily contributions
  • reliable: their contributions are perfect, both in the lyrics and the sync provided
  • mission-focused: their contributions should be focused on missions

Can a Specialist be downgraded to Curator?

This can happen if a Specialist doesn't follow Community rules or Writing Guidelines, or if the Specialist profile isn't active for three consecutive months.

Curator Specialists Contacts


Martyn / @Martyn (Slack)

Alvin Ronay / @Alronay (Slack)

Olawale Aremo / @Olawale(Slack)

Hansen / @Hansen (Slack)

Mary O. / @Mary O. (Slack)

Emil V. / @Emil V. (Slack)

Zahid Siam / @Zahid Siam (Slack)

Deba U. / @Deba U. (Slack)

George O. / @George O. (Slack)

Alvin Alsace / @Alvin Alsace (Slack)

Mangezi R. / @Mangezi R. (Slack)

Stephen Umoh / @Stephen Umoh (Slack)

Sanjeeb S. / @Sanjeeb S. (Slack)

Divine Willie / @Divine Willie (Slack)

Andres L. / @Andres L. (Slack)


Vanessa Siqueira / @saintlaurent (Slack)

Lucas Andrade / @Lucas Andrade (Slack)

Allanda Costa / @Allanda Costa (Slack)

Giovani Bertazzoni / @Giovani B. (Slack)

Guilherme Henrique / @Guilherme Henrique (Slack)

Maila S. / @Maila S (Slack)

Tamires Sousa / @Tamires Sousa (Slack)

Ana Flavia / @Ana Flavia (Slack)

Robert Braga / @Robert Braga (Slack)

Erika Oliveira / @Erika Oliveira (Slack)


Felipe Silva / @Felipe Silva (Slack)

Américo M. / @Américo M. (Slack)

Gilberto A. / @Gilberto A. (Slack)


Nicola Di Costanzo / @Nicola Di Costanzo (Slack)

Sara Fasano / @Sara (Slack)

Laura D. / @Laura D. (Slack)


TheLukas131 / @Lukas Wolter (Slack)

John Carlo Schneider / @John Carlo Schneider (Slack)

Alena Emmert / @Alena Emmert (Slack)

Moritz B. / @Moritz B. (Slack)

Mika B. / @Mika B. (Slack)

Moritz T. / @Moritz T. (Slack) 


Nagi Ishikura / @Nagi (Slack)

Koneko / @Koneko (Slack)

Izumi Taniguchi / @Izumi Taniguchi (Slack)

Neil M / @Neil M (Slack)


Kwang Min / @Kwang Min (Slack)


Sheerin Thakur / @Sheerin Thakur (Slack)

Rishav Yadav / @Rishav Yadav (Slack)

Hindi & Punjabi

нιмαηsнυ / @Himanshu (Slack) 


Vision Peer / @Vision (Slack)

Hindi & Urdu

Ajay / @Ajay (Slack)

Kashaf J. / @Kashaf J. (Slack)

Rashid Imam / @Rashid Imam (Slack)

Hindi & Marathi

Pankaj Kasture / @Pankaj Kasture (Slack)

Pawan Thakur / @Pawan Thakur (Slack)


Akhil Vennam / @Akhil_Vennam (Slack)

Kalyani Vasa / @Kalyani (Slack)


Yashaswi S / @Yashaswi S. (Slack)


Rodrigo G. / @rodrigomargs (Slack)

Rampel / @Rampel (Slack)

Patrick Gilbert De La Cruz Flores / @Patrick DLC (Slack) 

Jonathan Dall'orso / @Jonathan Dall'orso (Slack)

Martin F / @Martin F (Slack)

Carlos Elija / @Carlos Elija (Slack)

Brayan Campos / @Brayan Campos (Slack)

Alejandro Briseño / @Alejandro Briseño (Slack)

Rayo P. / @Rayo P. (Slack)

Javier U. / @Javier U. (Slack)

Xavier V. / @Xavier V. (Slack)


Justin Lee / @Justin Lee

Johnson Chow / @Johnson Chow

Brand Chong / @Brand Chong


Pete / @Piotr (Slack)

Szymon Hardek / @Szymon Hardek (Slack)


Павел Кольцов / @Pavel Koltsov (Slack)

Nathan / @Nathan (Slack)

Rammy / @Rammy (Slack)

Khan S. / @Khan S. (Slack)


Bart J. / @Bart J. (Slack)


Iasou Enkif / @Iasou (Slack)

Baptiste Alonzo / @Baptiste (Slack)

Naomie M. / @Naomie (Slack)

Ambroise B. / @Ambroise B. (Slack)

Coline K. / @Coline K. (Slack)

Mathieu P. / @Mathieu P. (Slack)


Hoan NguyenDuc / @Hoan Duc (Slack)

Thu Giang / @Thu Giang (Slack)


Shovon Khan / @Shovon (Slack) 


John Morales / @John (Slack)

Eleazar G / @Eleazar (Slack)


Siti Fatimah / @kaoru (Slack)

Riko Purnomo / @Riko Purnomo (Slack)

Alvin Rachman / @Alvin Rachman (Slack)


Nurul Izzati


Ittiphat Chailangga / @Ittiphat Chailangga (Slack)

Suppawit Rueangnoi / @Suppawit Rueangnoi (Slack)


Bekir Furkan / @Bekir Furkan (Slack)


Marcus Billman / @Marcus Billman (Slack)

Amelia G. / @Amelia G (Slack)


Arasakumar Thirunavukkarasu / @Arasakumar (Slack)


Houmani Fakhreddine / @Fakhreddine H (Slack)

Wessam H. / @Wessam H. (Slack)

Taha K. / Taha K. (Slack)

Eman Elsayed / @Eman Elsayed (Slack)

Ayoub Iznagan / @Ayoub Iznagan (Slack) 

Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho

Cyprian Ximba / @Cyprian Ximba (Slack)

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