Community Slack Workspace: what it is and how it works

What is Slack?

Slack is basically a messaging app for teams, designed for workplaces, and can be used across multiple devices and platforms.

Why a Slack Workspace?

The Community Slack server was created with the sole purpose of connecting users with the Musixmatch team. If you want to get involved with the Curators team, you can ask the Specialist of your language to mentor you.

Who are the Specialists?


Once on the Slack Workspace follow these rules in order to keep our great community constructive, respectful, and functional

  • No NSFW content: if found sharing NSFW content, vulgar language, or any kind of pornographic content, you'll be banned without warning
  • No harassing/abusing: under no circumstance are you allowed to harass other users. If found doing so you'll be given a warning. Three warnings will result in a ban.
  • No self-advertising/promotion: you can't give links to your website, it'll be considered spam. Neither can you share illegal download links in the public channels
  • No spamming: exploiting tags and mentions. Doing so might result in a warning.


Underneath the name of your Slack Team and your own username, you’ll see a section called Channels in the sidebar. Channels are chat rooms (public or private). If you click the Channels section name, you’ll see a new window that lets you browse and sort all channels.

We have channels for each language (i.e. #english-speakers, #spanish-speakers, etc), if there isn't a channel please contact a Moderator.
Other channels that you may find useful are:
  • #announcements-and-info: keep informed about major changes coming to Musixmatch
  • #lyrics-review-assistance: on this channel, you can ask for your contribution to a track to be approved by a Specialist.
  • #guidelines: understand, discuss, and occasionally improve this essential lyrics curating tool
  • #random /music: fun space!
  • #multi-language-lyrics: you were working on lyrics but there are some parts in a language that you can't speak? Share it here and collaborate with other users!
  • #getting-started: you've just arrived and you're lost? This is the right channel
  • #introduce-yourself: you can introduce yourself here (optional)
  • #questions: doubts related to Musixmatch? This is the place for you
  • #reporting-problems: any issue? You can ask for help here
  • #suggestions: ideas to improve Musixmatch? Post them here!
  • #missing-albums: can’t find an album on Musixmatch? If it’s on Spotify or Apple Music drop the link here
  • #memes: add jokes and memes here!
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