Error "Oops! Track not available": why and what should I do?

This message could appear for several reasons.

Perhaps the most likely one being that the song you're trying to listen to is not available in your Country.

What can you do?

Simply ignore the song. The task will stay in the "In progress" tab for a while, then it will go back to "All tasks". 

When else does this happen?

If you click the 'Start' button in order to edit a song that is already loaded on Spotify, sometimes you'll get an error saying "Oops! Track not available". 

What can you do?

In this case, please try to tap on the Spotify "Play" button related to the same song. Otherwise, try to play another song and go back to the list of tasks, or go to the "In progress" tab and click "Edit" on the same task as before.

Sometimes when you click "Start" or "Edit" on a task, Spotify will start playing the song but the Musixmatch app will keep loading and eventually give you the error message "Oops! Track not available".

What can you do? 

You can try to go back and apply the same workaround as in the case above.

Other suggestions

  1. Make sure Spotify is connected to the Musixmatch Studio
  2. Make sure the song is playable/available on Spotify
  3. Make sure that the Musixmatch Player is selected as the listening device on Spotify
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