How to solve the saving issues?

Saving failed

This is an error that may occur when you try to send your contributions.

  • If you click on “try again” 2 or 3 times, most of the time the saving failed issue disappears.
  • When that does not work, refreshing the page and send again your contributions usually does the trick.
  • You may also check on the song page of the website or the app if your contributions were saved or not.

Format Suggestion: There is something wrong with the lyrics

  • Why does this happen? The format suggestion gives you a generic error
  • What to do? We are working on fixing this issue. If available: click “ignore” and save your lyrics again. 

An unexpected error has occurred

  • Why does this happen? This is a generic error 
  • What to do? Try refreshing

If the above is not solving the saving failed issue, you may as well report it to us via this form.

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