No Tasks Available

When working on Missions, you may encounter the following

This isn't a bug, but rather the mission tasks are not available for the following reasons

- Mission content is populated by editorial and client requests, and we haven't received new requests

- Tasks in your native language are not available 

If you would like to suggest non-verified lyrics to push, you can do so via the Curator slack community, and we'll consider your requests for the following week's push.

Please note this important information:

  • If you've requested content but see it hasn't arrived to your language list, take a quick look also in the 'Undetermined' list. If a song doesn't yet have lyrics (which many of the requested ones don't) we rely on pre-existing language data to locate pushed content. If this language data doesn't exist, the song could end up in this Undetermined list, so it's always worth giving it a check! 
  • Make sure you're not requesting any discographies that have a large quantity of either INSTRUMENTAL tracks. This will not only result in the collection not being pushed, but can also affect the delivery of other content requested for the same language 
  • Make sure you're submitting the long Spotify artist link rather than a shortened form. This is an example of how it should look.
  • Be aware that we push as much content as possible but can't guarantee to deliver all requested collections. We will always do our best to deliver as many tracks as possible, aiming to spread them fairly among the many languages we support. If a request isn't delivered one week, and you've tested it against the 3 points noted above, you can feel free to request it again

*Please note, we discourage contributing in non-native languages if your mission list is empty. This affects the quality of your submissions and could result in warnings or downgrades for submissions containing incorrect transcriptions. 

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