Welcome to the Musixmatch Community

Welcome to the Musixmatch Community! We're glad you're here! 

You should have already Read & Accepted Musixmatch End User License Agreement when signing up with your account. Now, please check it out again, and make sure you understand it before making any contributions.

Here below are some exciting opportunities available on your journey as a member of the Musixmatch Community:

Badges, Points, and Levels
As you contribute, you can gain points, level up, and gain badges. Check out the badges you can earn for adding, reviewing, syncing, translating, and adding moods to lyrics. Shoot for the stars; become a Master and earn the Rockstar Badge!
You'll learn how to provide the greatest contributions in order to enrich our lyrics catalog and become a Master contributor. The Academy is open to every type of contributor, you can attend whenever you want, and it will give you the chance to earn Premium for free and become an Eligible Curator.
Free Premium
You can earn a one-year free Musixmatch Premium subscription when you graduate Academy and earn at least 300 points from contributions. Check out the added features you can enjoy with Musixmatch Premium.
Lyrics Curator
Lyrics Curators are among the most passionate and active community members, selected on the merit of high quality contributions. Check out the privileges you gain from being a Curator
Curator Specialists
Curator Specialists are chosen for their consistently high level of contributions and assistance to other community members, by proposing new ideas and advice to encourage other Curators with their contributions. Check out the other perks and high rewards you can earn as a Specialist. 
Join the Slack Community
Our Musixmatch Slack community is a workspace dedicated to helping you meet other community members, Curators, or Curator Specialists who share the same passion for music to help along on your Musixmatch journey. 
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