How to Report Catalog Issues

We’re super proud to have the largest music catalogue in the world, and it’s with the help of our community that we keep it up-to-date! If you find any kind of issue within the catalogue, such as missing songs, mismatches, or wrong song data, we want to hear from you!

You can report catalogue issues in the following ways:

Via our support typeform at

If you are a Curator: Via the #catalogue-issues channel on the Curator Slack channel 

All other contributors: Via the Community Slack channel

In order to help you in the quickest and best way possible, we’d need the following information with each report:

Musixmatch song/album/artist link

Source song/album/artist link (either Spotify or Apple music)

Web source Google, YouTube, etc

Reports are then sent onto our dedicated catalogue team for resolution. Fixes are typically delivered within a day or two, but can take longer for more complicated issues. We also remind you that fixes may not immediately show up on our website. 

If we report that your issue has been resolved, but you can’t see the corrections, dive into your favorite album and let us know if there are still problems by the end of it.

Together, we can expand the Musixmatch catalogue to include the most current, reliable lyrics for your favorite artists!

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