Why haven't I received my Curator test results?

If you passed the test, you'll receive an email with the following subject "Congratulations! Now you're a Lyrics Curator". 

If you have not received the email, it may be for a few reasons:

  1. Email might have gone to Spam, please check the spam folder
  2. You may have provided an email in the test which is different from the one linked to your Musixmatch Account
  3. You have not passed the test
  4. You found the link and taken the test, but you are not eligible yet

It is very important to be eligible to become a curator before taking the Curator test.

Even if you take the curator test and pass it, but you are not eligible, you will not become a Curator and therefore will not receive the email informing about your status upgrade.

For more information about how to become eligible, check this article.

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