Why can't my artist verification be approved?

Two main reasons why your artist verification cannot be approved

  1. An issue related to your discography on the Spotify and Apple Music profiles provided during the verification process
  2. There is not a clear relationship between you and the artist you are trying to verify, so we may ask you for further clarification via email

Issues related to your discography

Anytime we detect an issue with your discography, you will receive an email explaining to you what went wrong.

There are 3 main possible issues that we could detect in your discography:

  1. At the time you sent the verification request, your discography was empty on either Apple Music or Spotify.  Please note that our system is not able to identify pre-releases, so at the time of the verification request we can only use publicly displayed releases.
  2. There are no releases in common between the Spotify and the Apple Music Artist profiles that you provided during the artist verification
  3. One or more releases in your discography have been associated with another Artist’s profile

Our general recommendation is to make sure that all Albums, EPs, Singles, Compilations are available in your artist pages on Apple Music and Spotify and that they all belong to you, even as a featured artist.

Once you have resolved the discography issues mentioned above, you can resubmit your verification request. Please note that you can submit only one artist verification request every 7 days for the same artist.

Below you can see the examples on why Artists’ Verification requests are rejected and how to correct them. 
Rejection reason Example of approved verification Example of rejected verification How to fix that
Duplicate artist page You have only one artist page on Spotify and one in Apple Music

On Spotify you have two different artist pages. 

In the first page you can see your first EP, in the second page you can see the 2 albums that you released after

Contact your distributor about this. Your distributor can then contact Apple/Spotify customer care to merge your discographies into one artist page
Provided link to an artist page that belongs to someone else The Apple Music and Spotify artist pages you sent during the verification process, both belong to you The Apple Music artist page you provided belongs to another artist that happens to have the same name as yours Make sure that the artist page links you send us are the ones that display your discography

Discography not matching 

On the digital streaming platforms you released 4 songs. At least 1 of the 4 songs is available both on your Spotify and Apple Music artist pages On the digital streaming platforms you released 4 songs. Of those 4 songs, the first 2 you released are available only on Spotify, the last 2 you released are available only on Apple Music Contact your distributor and ask them to upload your full discography to both Spotify and Apple
Empty discography You released your first single which is already available on your artist page in Spotify and Apple Music Your first single is already available on Spotify, however it was not released yet on Apple Music Follow up with your distributor about why your single was not yet released on Apple Music. Once released, restart the Musixmatch verification process
Discography in the artist page is mixed with that of another artist’s. Your artist pages on Apple Music and Spotify show only songs where you are the artist or a featured artist

There is one or more songs in your artist page that belong to another artist

Contact your distributor about this.

Your distributor can then contact Apple/Spotify customer care (depending on which is mixed) and help you resolve the issue

If you still need help with your verification, please fill in this support form and provide us the link to your Spotify or Apple Music artist profile.

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