How to upload your audio files

Don’t have Spotify premium or prefer a more direct way to upload your tracks onto Musixmatch? With our latest feature, now available for you to test, you can provide the audio file of your songs instead of connecting a premium streaming service like Spotify to sync your lyrics.

Follow these instructions to be one of the first to test this feature and provide all your feedback via the “Feedback” button available on the Studio.

#1 - Start editing your lyrics

Select the song you want to sync from Musixmatch Pro and start editing it.

#2 - Upload a valid audio file

Follow the instructions to upload your audio file.Please make sure that the audio file you upload is the same as the one you have provided to Spotify and Apple!

File format: .mp3. Max. File size: 20MB. Suggested bitrate 128bit/s.

Refresh the page in order to unlock the Sync and you are ready to go.

#3 - You can now sync!

The file uploaded can now be used to sync your song! Enjoy!

If you are experiencing any issue or if you have feedback, share it on the Artist Slack channel.

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