I graduated from the Academy! Now what?

Congratulations! Your hard work has paid off and resulted in you advancing to the Graduate Role. You’ve also been awarded the super cool personalized Academy Certificate. 

After a few moments of well-earned celebration, you’ll probably be wondering what’s next?

Well… that depends on you and where you’d like your Musixmatch journey to take you!

Interested in contributing Lyrics?

Then you’ll have your sights set on the Lyrics Curator Test! Users who pass it advance to the Curator Role and have the opportunity to contribute Lyrics, Syncs, and Tags to their favorite tracks without limit. They also gain access to the Lyrics mission, meaning rewarded contributions!

The Lyrics Curator status is hotly coveted, and so we can’t give the test to everyone right away. But if you’re keen to get your hands on it, you can find out how and check out your next steps here!

Interested in contributing Translations?

Then you’ll want to check out the Translation Curator Test! Those passing the test gain additional Translation powers, as well as access to rewarded tasks within the Translation mission. 

Are we speaking your language? Find out more!

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