What do I need to do to get my rewards?

You can get your rewards by completing the Musixmatch missions

Once the quality check of your work has been completed and confirmed by the Musixmatch Team, the reward will be approved.

You have the option to add your bank account details or your PayPal account directly in the wallet that you can find in the Curator Studio.

For more useful information about how we send the rewards, we suggest you to check this article.

How can I add my payout method?

In order to receive your rewards, you will need to add a payout method.

You can add it by following below steps:

1) Go to Curator's Mission page

2) Click on your profile picture and then on Wallet

3) Select Payments and then Open Trolley

4) Now you are in the page of Trolley, the company through which we distribute rewards. There, you can add your Payout method

5) Fill in all your General information and click Next

6) Now you can add your bank or paypal account

Bank account

  • Remember that it's not possible to use someone else's bank account.
  • The bank account holder must correspond to the Curator who is working on the Missions.
  • Provide your full name (or business legal name for businesses), exactly as shown on your bank statement. Failure to do so may result in a returned or delayed payment.

Paypal account

  • Ensure your Paypal email address is correct
  • Paypal may charge fees to receive or withdraw funds

7) Click Add and you are all set to start receiving your rewards!

8) Wait! Just one more thing! Fill out this form (only once)

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