I have not received my reward yet. Why?

Here is a list of possible reasons why you have not received your rewards yet.

Please make sure you go through this checklist carefully before contacting our customer support team. 

If you contact us and have not done any of these steps, we will have to redirect you here.

Have you added your payout information?

Seems obvious, but adding your payout information is the first thing you should do once you become a Curator and start working on missions.

Without this information, we’ll be unable to send you your well-deserved rewards.

In case we’ve already sent the month’s rewards before you add your payout information, don’t worry! We send rewards monthly and yours will be added to the next batch.

Make sure you’ve correctly added your payout information, and you will simply receive the reward in the following month.

To know more about how to add your payout information correctly, please check this article.

Have you reached the minimum task threshold?

Imagine you have a wallet that Musixmatch looks after for you. 

Every time you complete a mission task, the amount it's worth (usually 0.5USD) is added to it. At the end of every month, Musixmatch checks your wallet and if there's at least 50 USD there, will directly send all funds gathered in the next reward batch.

If there isn't yet 50 USD, the amount will stay in your wallet to be counted the next month.


Let’s try with an example. 🙂

Scenario: You complete 80 tasks in January and 50 tasks in February within The Jukebox mission (0.5 USD per task).

Rewards gathered in January for the 80 tasks: 40 USD.

You will not receive 40 USD in the next monthly payout of February as you have not reached the minimum threshold of 50 USD.

Rewards gathered in February for 50 tasks: 25 USD.

You will receive 65 USD in the next monthly payout of March. 

This is the sum of 40 USD (earned from January) and 25 USD (earned from February) as you have now reached, in January and February together, the minimum threshold of 50 USD.

Has Musixmatch already sent the rewards this month?

During each month, the Musixmatch team checks the quality of your work.

Once the quality check has been completed and confirmed by the Musixmatch Content Team, the reward will be approved.

We send rewards as early as possible, up to the 20th of each month. When exactly you receive your rewards can differ based on several factors, including but not limited to:

  • Your location
  • Your payout type (PayPal/Bank Transfer)
  • Your currency

If you hear/see that a fellow Musixmatch Curator has received their reward, but you haven’t yet, don’t panic!

Wait for at least 3 days and check the other sections of this article. This should allow enough time for all possible rewards to arrive, regardless of the various factors. If none of the other section of this article apply for you and your reward still hasn’t arrived after these 3 days, feel free to contact us.

You can also review the status of your rewards in the Payment Details, reachable from the wallet in the Curator Studio. It’s a good idea to do this before contacting our Customer Support team.

Still need help?

You can reach out to our moderators on the Curators Slack Community or fill in this form.

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