A Guide to the Curator Invites Channel

The Community is the heart of Musixmatch, and the Slack Workspaces are the heart of the Community! Our Community Slack Workspace is open for all users, but the Curator Workspace is exclusively available for those who have passed the Curator test.

If you wish to communicate with a fellow Curator but can’t find them, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the #curator-invites channel of the Curator Workspace
  2. Write the name of the Curator you’re searching for, and provide the link to their Musixmatch profile as a hyperlink
  3. Specify the action desired from our Moderator team (usually asking either for the Curator’s Slack contact, or inviting them to the Workspace)

A note… 🎵

We’re a wonderfully large and diverse community and Musixmatch will always encourage its users to communicate in ways that respect and acknowledge this. Using gender-neutral pronouns in your requests, or sticking to the name given on a user’s profile, can help make sure that everyone experiences our Community as the safe space we strive for ❤️

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