Mission: what is it and how it works

What is it?

A Mission is a special project (available via  Desktop App only, from Version 3.6) where users and curators get extra points, new badges and special rewards.

Each Mission has: 

- A goal (i.e. 0/50 tracks)

- A subject: contribution type (i.e. Correct 50 reported lyrics)

- A deadline: i.e. "10 days left" from the moment you start the Mission

- A reward: i.e. $ 35

How does it work?

When you open a Mission, you'll find the list of "task", that is lyrics to add, review, sync and proofread.

Once you tap on "Start", the app opens the contribution page and the task moves on your "In progress" tab.

After tapping on "Get Started" you could face three scenarios:

- Add lyrics from scratch and complete the synchronization

- Proofread an already existing lyrics and start synchronization

- Review an existing lyrics already synchronized and correct it if you find mistakes

In any case, remember to tap on " Save" at the end of your work. At this point, the task will be on your "Completed" tab.

Have you reported a problem related to a task?

In this case, the task will move into the "Reported" tab.

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