How can I listen to music?

With Musixmatch, you get the world's largest lyrics platform right at your fingertips. This allows you to see the lyrics when you are listening along to your favorite songs 🎯

To make this possible, simply download our app for Android or iOS.

On Android, you can connect your Spotify account or your local music files with Musixmatch. Simply log into Spotify through our app or grant access for your local music. Now you see your whole music library in the Musixmatch app and can use our app as your regular music player! 🎶

With FloatingLyrics™️ it is possible to listen to your favorite music with other music players while still getting your lyrics delivered by us. Find out more about FloatingLyrics™️ here.

On iOS, you can connect with Spotify or Apple Music to access your music library with Musixmatch. Now you'll be able to see your entire music library in the Musixmatch app and use our app as your regular music player! 🎶

⚡️Our player has many fantastic features to make your listening experience as convenient as possible:

  • View synced and translated lyrics to your favorite tracks
  • Listen to your music on shuffle, repeat all, and repeat one
  • Set a sleep timer to turn your music off automatically
  • Use the equalizer to adjust the sound to your liking
  • Adjust the display settings of the player: colors, text sizes, background color ...
  • Switch the player into dark mode
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