How can I get Musixmatch premium for free?

Please, note we are not referring to the Musixmatch Pro subscription, but to the Musixmatch App you can use to contribute on your favorite lyrics from artists you love.

We are very thankful to the users who are contributing to the Musixmatch catalog, making it better for everyone. Our community is what makes Musixmatch great!

Check out the added features you can enjoy with Musixmatch Premium.

There are two ways to get Musixmatch Premium for free:

  1. Unlock the Rock Star badge (Premium free for 1 year)
  2. Reach the level of a Musixmatch Lyrics Curators (Premium free as long as you remain a Curator)

The Rockstar badge is awarded by the users who reach at least 300 points and obtain the Academy Certificate, becoming a Graduate user.

After the one-year subscription expires, you will need to subscribe to the Premium plan. It is a one-time award and does not renew automatically.

Below you can see how our Rockstar badge looks like.

alt text


If you're seeing yourself as a Premium user even if you didn't make any purchase, check out your profile and look for the Rockstar badge.

For any other question or clarification about how our great community of lyrics lovers works, join the Musixmatch Community Workspace on Slack!

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