When will the lyrics appear on the streaming platforms after I’ve synced them?

We do send all the lyrics added and synced by a Verified Artist to Instagram, Apple Music, Spotify and to every customer through our APIs within one working day from the upload.

However, we don't have an exact-time frame as to when it'll appear in 3rd parties after you add them, but we hope it doesn't take too long.

For Spotify usually takes a few days.

For Instagram:

  • it can take up to a few weeks to display
  • it is best to check that the duration of the track uploaded on Musixmatch is equal to the length of the track uploaded on Instagram. Different duration causes problems in lyrics distribution.

In these cases, it is best to ensure that you have added and synced the lyrics while logged into your Verified Artist account, and you have followed our Writing Guidelines

Please be aware that:

  • not following our Writing Guidelines can lead to complications or delays in distributing lyrics to digital streaming platforms.
  • every time you edit or sync the lyrics again, the modification on the digital streaming platforms it is not immediate, it will take some time for them to update to the latest sent lyrics.
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