How to add and remove credits on Musixmatch Pro?

You can add credits to the artists you're managing on Pro.

In case you haven't got yet a verified artist profile you can sign up on Musixmatch Pro and claim your artists.

You can either add credits song by song or in to multiple songs at once.

How to add credits song by song?

1. Select an artist you manage

Tap on your avatar picture on the top right, then "Manage your artists" go to your artist roster

Select to which artist you want to add credits

2. Pick a song you worked on

From the Music section showing all the songs of the artist, tap on a song and then tap on the Edit or Verify button on Credits section

3. Add your role in the song credits

You can add credits for yourself or other collaborators on the song.

You'll be able to pick different roles for every person, such as songwriter (eg. lyricist, composer), musician (eg. Lead vocals, Guitar, Bass) or production roles (eg. Producer, Mixing Engineer).

The added credits will be verified by you and we're working on distributing them to our partners in order to give you more visibility on the most used music streaming services.

How to add credits in bulk?

From your Credits section you will be able to tap on the Add credits button add your roles on more songs at once, making it faster and easier to have all your credits at once. 

How to remove credits?

If you wish to remove credits:

  1. select in the roster of Musixmatch pro the artist
  2. select the song where you wish to remove the credits
  3. click on the 3 dots and select "Edit credits"
  4. Select a person, click on the 3 dots and "Remove"

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